ClockworkMod v6.0.1.2 For Samsung Galaxy Wonder GT-I8150

Here's CWM recovery, built from the latest version included in the ICS sources. It has support for both internal and external sd card, with the internal being the default. As such, the internal has mount point /sdcard, and the external has /external_sd. Nothing you should normally need to know, unless you want to mount them manually in adb shell.

I provide it in two packages, dependent on how you want to flash it. One for flashing manually in adb shell, and one for flashing with Odin. -> for flashing in adb shell
Don't flash the zip file, but extract and flash the img file.

recovery-clockwork- -> for flashing with Odin
Select the ops file, and enable one package in options, then load the md5 file with the One Package button

In addition, you need Ancora.ops it you're gonna flash it with Odin.

How to navigate in menus:
Volume buttons = go up and down
Home button = select
Power button = go back

The instructions on how to install ClockworkMod v6.0.1.2 is the same as CWM 5.
Click here to read the instructions on how to install CWM.


  1. Does it mean my external sd is my main sd ?
    Btw could you look at this:

    I'm not sure if this is for our phones and if it is could you do a tutorial

    1. Yes. Installing CWM 6 is the same as CWM 5.
      Here is the tutorial :

  2. hello
    whats the different of v5 ??

  3. hello
    what is the new in version 6 ? Is there a big deferent of version 5.5 ?

    1. difference that i can see is the background picture and some new option is added.
      just try it for yourself

  4. I flashed my galaxy s1 i9003 to 4.1.2 using alpha 3..
    The problem m facing at the moment is, i cant find the google play store in my phone neither it let me download the apps from the mobile internet browser.

    Plz help.